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Once a project is created in Project Web App, you may find that you need to change some of the general project information, such as the project name, description, or owner. The way that you make changes to an existing project is different, depending on whether the project is a SharePoint task list project, where the tasks are managed using a task list on the project site, or an enterprise project, where the tasks are managed in Project Web App.

The Project Details report shows an overview of the activity of your projects, and a summary of your project’s financials and profitability. Your user role will determine whether you can see this report, and whether you can save and publish or just view it.

Run the Project Details report to view activity for all projects that had the selected project state during the date range. Transactions like bills and expense claims are included in the report based the date they were created in Projects or assigned to a project. There must be activity on the project for it to appear on the report. For example, you added time to a task, or created an invoice from the project.

The internal combustion engine is the power source for alternator. Its basic operating principle is that a combustion, or the controlled, steady burning of air and fuel in the combustion chamber, creates power that forces components within the engine to move with great speed and force. The motion and force is transferred to the Alternator through components of other systems.

Project Information

  • Company Name : Power Associates Ltd
  • Company Owner : Robert Smith
  • Project Start Date: 03-10-2018
  • Completed Date: 26-01-2019
  • Architect Name: David Mariam
  • Project Location: PO Box 16122 Collins Victoria Australia

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2A, Los Angels, United States

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